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Caregiver Workbook

The Caregiver Workbook was selected as a Gold Award winner in the annual National Health Information Awards℠ program, which recognizes the nation's best consumer health information programs and materials.


This workbook is intended for caregivers of adults. If you are a parent of a minor child who has blood cancer, click here for Caring for Kids and Adolescents with Blood Cancer: A Workbook for Families.

This Caregiver Workbook is a guide to use throughout your time as a blood cancer patient’s caregiver. Caregivers may order a copy of the full workbook by calling (800) 955-4572. In this workbook, you will find:

  • Caregiving tips and strategies
  • Questions to ask the healthcare team
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Financial, legal and health insurance information
  • Self-care suggestions
  • Resources for additional support
  • Worksheets and activities

The Caregiver Workbook comes in a tote with a journal, pen and pill organizer.

Caregivers may order a copy of the full workbook by calling (800) 955-4572.

Caregiver Workbook


Image removed.To read the following chapters of the Caregiver Workbook, click here.

  • Introduction to Caregiving
  • Communicating as a Caregiver
  • Understanding Blood Cancers
  • Treatment Options
  • Side Effects and Supportive Care
  • Caregiving During Treatment
  • Nutrition
  • Financial and Legal Information
  • Caring for Yourself
  • End of the Caregiver Role

Caregivers may order a copy of the full workbook by calling (800) 955-4572.


Image removed. Use the following worksheets to help you in your caregiving role:

Worksheet 1: Emergency Room (ER) Plan

Worksheet 10: Pain Log

Worksheet 2: Weather Emergency Plan

Worksheet 11: Grocery List

Worksheet 3: Daily Medication Log

Worksheet 12: Chore Chart

Worksheet 4: Questions for Caregivers to Ask Their Loved Ones

Worksheet 13: Food Intake and Side-Effects Log

Worksheet 5: Healthcare Team Contact List

Worksheet 14: Meal Planning

Worksheet 6a: Appointment Calendar, by Month

Worksheet 15: Insurance Call Log

Worksheet 6b: Appointment Calendar, by Week

Worksheet 16: Understanding the Health Insurance Plan

Worksheet 6c: Appointment Details

Worksheet 17: Health Insurance Appeal Tracking Form

Worksheet 7: Questions for the Healthcare Team

Worksheet 18: Budgeting

Worksheet 8: Medical History

Worksheet 19: Financial Assistance Record

Worksheet 9: Immunization Record

Worksheet 20: Creating a Self-Care Plan


Support for these caregiver resources provided by Pfizer Inc. and Takeda Oncology.