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acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

Just like many Filipinos, my beloved grandpa said “YES” to the U.S. Navy to provide for his poor family in the Philippines. He gave his all, and no matter the circumstances, he stayed strong. My grandpa was a warrior with a golden heart.

From open heart surgery to prostate cancer and acute myeloid leukemia (AML), he fought for his life until his very last breath.

He has instilled in me leadership, hard work, and love. There was never a time he wasn’t there for me at my pageants, birthdays, or award ceremonies.

He was a U.S. Navy, proud retired Navy Chief and served for 23 years. Veterans Day was a special day for us. From going to the military base and celebrating with other veterans, he taught me the spirit of an American use your voice, stand up, and help others in need.

Now that he has passed, he will remain forever in my heart. I am blessed to live the American dream, and I will continue his legacy.

Habang may buhay, mag-pag asa (while there is life, there is hope.)

I love you and miss you, Papa from your proud Filipino-American apo (grandchild). Thank you for giving me and my family the opportunity to live the American dream.

Written by granddaughter


Family blood cancer