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In one of the older cities in the world, Aleppo, Syria, filled with hope and resilience, Dr. Yaghmour grew up seeing his father making others suffer less and helping everyone around, even on the street. He grew up with a big dream and goal to help others suffer less. As a doctor who studies medicine in three languages (Arabic, French, and English), he has dedicated his life to healing and improving the lives of others. Life is very challenging, and we all suffer; it is great to make others suffer less. For Dr. Yaghmour, being a doctor is not just a profession but a calling to serve humanity and positively impact people's lives.

He's not just an ordinary doctor; he is an oncologist specializing in leukemia and a passionate transplanter. His unwavering dedication and compassion toward his patients set him apart, making him an inspiration to all those whose lives he touched.

Every day, Dr. Yaghmour walked through the doors of the bustling hospital with a spirit filled with purpose. He understood the weight of his responsibilities, knowing that his decisions and actions had the power to shape the lives of his patients and their families. He believed that being an advocate was just as crucial as providing medical treatment. Driven by this belief, he took it upon himself to fight not only against the cancerous cells that plagued his patients' bodies but also against the limitations imposed by the disease.

Among his many patients were fathers on the verge of losing hope, battling against the relentless grip of leukemia. He met them with a comforting smile and a steadfast determination to return them to health. Through his expertise and relentless pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Yaghmour pioneered new transplant techniques and advocated for cutting-edge treatments. With each success, he witnessed miraculous transformations.

One such success story involved a loving father who was diagnosed with a severe form of leukemia just months before his daughter's wedding. The patient had been preparing for this particular day, dreaming of dancing with his daughter as she took her first steps into a new chapter of her life. However, his deteriorating health threatened to shatter those dreams. Dr. Yaghmour refused to accept defeat and orchestrated a life-saving bone marrow transplant, utilizing his expertise and the support of his medical team. After months of intense treatment and unwavering support from his family, this father was brought back from the brink of death. When the day of his daughter's wedding arrived, Dr. Yaghmour stood proudly among the guests, watching as the father, now full of life and vigor, gracefully took his daughter's hand and danced with her. Tears of joy flowed freely as the room celebrated the triumph of love and the indomitable spirit of a father who had fought against all odds.

Another remarkable success story involved a young man whose battle against leukemia seemed insurmountable. Traditional treatments had failed to yield significant results, leaving him with dwindling hope. But Dr. Yaghmour refused to give up on him. He collaborated with researchers and pharmaceutical companies to gain access to a groundbreaking new drug, one that held the promise of turning the tide against this patient’s disease. With sheer determination and the unwavering support of his medical team, this young man embarked on a new treatment journey. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, hope began to blossom again. The new drug proved to be a game-changer, and gradually, his leukemia began to retreat. With the incredible support provided by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), his family was able to be with him to continue the battle and proceed with the transplant. The advocacy and relentless pursuit of innovative treatments played a pivotal role in saving this young man’s life. Months later, Dr. Yaghmour stood in awe as he witnessed the transformation of the patient from a fragile young man to a vibrant, resilient individual. Together, they organized a gathering where he, along with his family, met other patients who had benefited from the advocacy and the support Dr. Yaghmour and the LLS provided. It was a celebration of life, an embodiment of hope, and a testament to the profound impact the alliance between medical knowledge and advocacy could have on patients' lives.

Dr. Yaghmour remained humble, acknowledging that the power of healing extended far beyond the administration of chemotherapy. He knew that true healing required a holistic approach ― one that encompassed emotional support, access to cutting-edge treatments, and unwavering determination. The impact of LLS on his daily work was immeasurable. It enabled him to provide his patients with the best care.

Each year, LLS launches its Visionaries of the Year fundraising campaign, and Dr. Yaghmour was honored to join this year’s efforts as a visionary candidate. He’s so honored to support LLS’ mission in its efforts to find cures for blood cancers and to assist patients and families as they battle this disease.

Dr. Yaghmour will continue to help and team up with LLS to support its vision ― to help humanity thrive beyond blood cancer. As a doctor, he has seen firsthand the devastating impact of leukemia and lymphoma. However, he is also inspired by the incredible progress in medical research and the potential for breakthroughs that could change the lives of millions of people. This is why Dr. Yaghmour is proud to support the LLS. They are a leading organization in the fight against blood cancers, and their work has already significantly impacted the lives of patients and their families. As the largest nonprofit funder of cutting-edge blood cancer research worldwide, LLS has been vital in advancing 75 percent of the blood cancer treatment options approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) over the last five years.

By supporting their efforts, we can help to accelerate progress towards cures and better treatments for these diseases.