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LLS Research Now

A monthly video conference series about how you and LLS are advancing blood cancer research in the quest for cures.

With hosts Drs. Lou DeGennaro, Gwen Nichols and Lee Greenberger

Upcoming Calls:

Thursday, September 30 at 1:00 PM (ET) 

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Information about the COVID-19 pandemic changes daily. And, as the virus continues to spread, especially with the Delta variant, vaccine effectiveness among immuno-compromised people remains an urgent issue. LLS is leading several critical collaborative research efforts to understand COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness for blood cancer patients.

Join us as we talk with leading physician-researchers about blood cancer patients’ responses to the vaccines, as well as emerging knowledge about vaccine boosters. We will also share early results from LLS-funded research, including data from the LLS National Patient Registry’s special COVID project.

Our Panelists: 

Neil E. Kay, MD (Mayo Clinic): An expert on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the most common and still incurable leukemia, Dr. Kay is studying immunologic response to COVID infection. He is also running a large study to understand the effectiveness of convalescent plasma in preventing and controlling COVID infections.

Gwen Nichols, MD (LLS Chief Medical Officer): In addition to hosting the call, Dr. Nichols will provide an insiders update about the early research findings from the LLS COVID-19 Registry study that were recently published in the online journal Cancer Cell, what patterns are emerging and what the implications are for blood cancer patients.

Larry Saltzman, MD (Director of the LLS National Patient Registry): A family physician and CLL survivor, Dr. Saltzman leads LLS’s National Patient Registry, a project of the Michael J. Garil Data Collective, and is reviewing patient-submitted clinical data and analyzing results to understand risk for infection and immune response to vaccination in blood cancer patients.

Amit Verma, MBBS (Einstein College of Medicine): Now launching a trial to test the effectiveness of boosters in blood cancer patients, Dr. Verma has published two key papers on COVID-19 infection and vaccination in blood cancer patients. His other research focuses on myelodysplastic syndrome, a precursor to acute myeloid leukemia.