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“This new initiative not only reflects our union family’s growing commitment to our communities, but to the cause of finding a cure for blood cancers. Whether you are a union member or not, we are determined to do our part to ensure that no one fighting cancer will struggle alone. We are so proud to stand with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to launch Labor Against Cancer. Our partnership is a testament to our members and what can be accomplished when we all unite together.”
- Marc Perrone, UFCW International President

The Challenge.

UFCW had a local member impacted by a blood cancer which caused the organization to ask how they could help advance research for the betterment of their members, their employers and their communities. They did this by empowering their locals to determine what role they would like to play in advancing cures. UFCW continues to use creative fundraising tactics to support LLS’s mission. They take great pride in the longstanding history of our partnership - 37 years and more than $95 million dollars raised.

The Strategy.

LLS and UFCW partnered in educating their members on our mission and their opportunity to engage in the partnership through fundraising events. LLS has dedicated staff to support all UFCW events, member needs and partnership support.

In 2017, LLS and UFCW launched a new initiative called Labor Against Cancer. Labor Against Cancer raises much needed funds to advance research and patient support in partnership with LLS while raising awareness of the important role that union members play each and every day. This new initiative engages all levels of the organization including members, union leadership and employers through creative fundraising opportunities such as in-store retail campaigns, member drives, Light The Night national walk teams and third party events.

Program Elements

UFCW - Labor Against Cancer

New UFCW Initiative

"Labor Against Cancer" initiative engaged all levels of the organization to raise funds for cancer research.


Employee Toolkits

Toolkits for employers and members with information on how to make an impact for the good of others in their community.


Local Walk Team

UFCW formed local Light The Night walk teams and to raise funds and celebrate their accomplishments together.


Fundraising Programs and Campaigns

Members, union leadership and employers engaged in creative fundraising programs such as in-store retail campaigns and member drives.

UFCW 37 Year Partnership

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Partner with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society